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San Diego Unified School District Educators Attend IWitness Training

Teachers throughout the San Diego Unified School District had the opportunity to attend an IWitness training led by USC Shoah Foundation staff on Monday.


From the Visual History Archive

Philip Drell on photographing Dachau after liberation

Philip Drell, a photographer with the U.S. Army Signal Corps, served with the Special Motion Picture Coverage Unit headed by film director George Stevens. In his testimony, Philip describes what he witnessed when his unit arrived at Dachau concentration camp in Germany. His testimony is featured in Testimony –The Legacy of Schindler’s List and the USC Shoah Foundation. Picture taken by Drell of Dachau after liberation.


Impact in Profile

Meet Inna Gogina

When students learn about the Holocaust for the first time by watching testimony from the USC Shoah Foundation, Inna Gogina knows exactly how they feel. She, too, didn’t know about the Holocaust – until she began working for the USC Shoah Foundation.