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Paula Lebovics and Olga Burkhardt Inspire People Around the World

Though Olga and Paula connected through testimony over a year ago, local media recently reported on their unique friendship and introduced them to the world.


From the Visual History Archive

Day 41 of 70 Days of Testimony: Hansi Keating on camp experiments

Hansi Keating remembers seeing young boys sent to see the camp doctor who would sterilize them as part of their experimentation. She also talks about how she and few girls from the barrack made escape plans, which ultimately failed. This is the 41st testimony clip in the series 70 Days of Testimony: Leading up to the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. 


Impact in Profile

Meet Melissa Kravetz

Melissa Kravetz and Jenna Leventhal first met as undergraduate history majors at UC Santa Barbara over 10 years ago. Now, they are working together to introduce students to testimony through IWitness.