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2014 International Conference Panel Spotlight: Social Engagements with Holocaust Remembrance in New Media

The Social Engagements with Holocaust Remembrance in New Media panel will illustrate just three of the many fascinating ways scholars are looking at testimony in its various forms in order to study the mediation of Holocaust remembrance.


From the Visual History Archive

David Bayer remembers the Invasion of Poland

David Bayer remembers when Nazi Germany invaded his home country, Poland on September 1, 1939. David and his family hid in the woods during the bombardments and returned to town a few days later to find German soldiers in their home.


Impact in Profile

Meet Inna Gogina

When students learn about the Holocaust for the first time by watching testimony from the USC Shoah Foundation, Inna Gogina knows exactly how they feel. She, too, didn’t know about the Holocaust – until she began working for the USC Shoah Foundation.