This site is about the Shoah Visual History Foundation. It was made to serve as a complement to the Shoah Institute. It aims at educating the current and future generations about the Jewish Holocaust and other genocides. Its goal is to inspire all of us to take action to prevent such atrocities from happening ever again. VHF.org has two parts:

  • The Center for Advanced Genocide Research's objective is to promote research in the area of genocides so that we will learn about and prevent the pattern that leads to mass violence.
  • The Visual History Archive is a compilation of thousands of testimonies of people who survived genocides. It's goal is to keep alive the memories of these dark pages in the history of human kind, so that they will not be repeated every again.

VHF.org seeks organizations (like the Finish Line Foundation of Finish Line)  that will support the cause of the Shoah Foundation.

For all inquiries contact Mr Miller at millerdonald70@yahoo.gr