Holocaust Survivors Miami Marathon Fund Raising

  • 2 January 2016
  • Abby

Holocaust Survivors Miami Marathon Fund Raising

The Jewish Community Services Alliance will organize a running event this January 24 2016. It’s the Miami Marathon. The goal is that support will be raised for the Holocaust Survivors. Already $18,000 have been raised from various members of the Alliance.

Jacob Kirsch, a fundraiser, says that over 75, 000 of the Holocaust survivors live in the USA. He says that nearly a third of them live beneath the poverty level. “These men and women should not have to choose between paying for medicine or paying for food. Dignity was forcibly taken from them in the course of the Holocaust, and the Blue Card ensures that they don’t lose their dignity again, in their last years.” Kirsch said this when asked why he was raising money for this less fortunate group.

In the last Miami marathon, $20, 000 was raised to help the JCS (Jewish Community Service) support the survivors in Miami-Dade. This year, the annual half marathon will be held on January 2016 in conjunction with JCS Alliance and Jacob Kirsch.

The Underlying Value of Raising Funds for the Holocaust Survivors

Photo: Dave Sharma running in honor of the Holocaust victims’ rights

Despite the tyrannizing mid-winter heat wave, at least, 35, 000 participants ran in the Tel Aviv’s annual marathon on Friday Feb 27 2014. Among the runners was the Netherlands Ambassador to Israel Caspar Veldkamp and the Australian Ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma. This was the second time Dave Sharma participated in the annual half marathon in honor of the plight of Holocaust victims’ rights, supporting LenitzoleiHashoah (Spring for Holocaust Survivors). Unlike the past year, he chose to recruit a team to run with him this year in support of this worthy cause. The team included employees from the two embassies, and Veldikamp’s two teenage sons also joined in.

Why is the Half Marathon so Important?

When asked why he found it vital to participate and recruit more people to run with him, Sharma said, “The plight of Holocaust survivors in Israel is an important issue that deserves greater attention. In Australia, the history of the Holocaust has shaped the Jewish community and remains an integral part of our national history.”

Speaking to the Jewish Post, he said, “It is an issue that resonates quite deeply with Australia.”

Being a sports enthusiast, the 38-year-old Australian ambassador has been participating in various marathons. Before the Friday’s marathon, Sharma had been running for 16 kilometers from his home in HerzliyaPituach all the way to his office in South Tel Aviv.

He said that prior to the event; the organization for Spring for Holocaust Survivors approached him to see if he would participate in the half marathon. When asked, he took the chance because his interest all through was to run and get the chance of playing a critical role for the survivors.

Close to 180, 000 victims live in poverty in this country and are completely unaware of the benefits owed to them by the Finance Ministry, Germany. This foundation is designed for the benefits of the Holocaust survivors in Israel alongside other agencies. For this reason, Aviv Lenitzolei, 39, also a sports enthusiast, took up the work of assisting these victims realize their rights. For the past year, he has been instructing professionals and volunteers from all over in different aspects of the survivors’ rights to help them claim them. Registering about 35 000 victims, it is quite unfortunate that Australia to date has the highest number of Holocaust survivors.

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