Jamie Benizri Runs to Remember

  • 11 January 2016
  • Abby


My name is Jamie Benizri. I am the founder of Legal Logik office in Montreal and the Run to Remember and we are here today for a cause that is dear not only to our office but also to all of our partners. This cause is the Run to Remember, as part of the Montreal Holocaust Centre's Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that the people of my generation, and the people of really every generation do not forget what happened in the past, not only for the Jewish people but for every religion, for every culture.

The Run to Remember race is motivated by my grandfather Isaac and my grandmother who have inspired me throughout my life and have given me the opportunity to have the courage to continue this message. This way I can make sure that not only Jews but anyone, any culture that has gone through some kind of atrocity or hardship has the courage to come forward, and through a run or any other initiative spread the message.

The Run to Remember events for me were an opportunity for me to never forget. It was an opportunity for me to pay homage not only to my father but my grandmother who went through German-occupied Europe. It's an opportunity for me to remind everyone around me, and especially my children that the holocaust is something that happened, and it's real. It's important for me, too, to keep and maintain the memories.

So, to get involved it's really simple. You have to communicate with the Montreal Holocaust Centre to make sure you get contacted by the organizers and get involved immediately.

The Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre will transmit the memory, not only of Jamie's grandfather, but of the 6 million individuals murdered and all those who survived, for all future generations. It will continue to educate Montrealers, make the links between the past and the present, and combat prejudice and hate in all its forms.

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